Ankita Jain

From being the solo person employed full time in the brand, our team has now grown to 6 full time members! Ankita Jain, the creative director bootstrapped the brand back in 2019 while still in fashion school. Since the brand's full blown inception in July, 2021, we have come to find our own space in the fraternity. 

The brand started for women who are open to exploring their bodies and find the confidence to wear what they truly want despite having self-confidence and body-image issues. We proudly create clothes for women to feel their most sexy and liberated selves. 

Our team of craftsmen are true masters of their craft. With everything being made-to-order and handcrafted, our team puts in immense efforts to ensure you have the best time wearing our clothes. 

We feel heartwarmingly proud to see how far we've come and how many of you have made us a part of not just your wardrobes but also your special occasions!

Bigger things are in the process, we're in it for the long run x